Artists Wanted

How to get involved with a unique art gallery, display your artwork, and get paid to do what you love…

I am the creator of a new type of online gallery that is focused on displaying and selling positive, inspirational, and spiritual works of art.

My vision:
With all of the negativity and division on the Internet these days, I want to have a space for beautiful images that bring us together instead of pulling us apart.

I need your help! While I display my own artwork, I would also like much more diverse art to attract and excite a wide variety of people. I'm looking to include artists that work in all types of styles and media, and the subject matter can be Christian, spiritual, or just plain beautiful.

For you artists, I'm developing a program that lets you do what you love, and I'll handle the rest...

  • You get a significant share of the profit for every print of your artwork sold

  • I'll handle the art photography or scanning, image adjustments, and all up-front costs

  • After reproductions are complete, you keep control of your originals to do what you want with them

  • I'll handle the marketing, sales, purchasing of prints, and other logistics

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In short...
You focus on creating amazing artwork, I handle the prints, and you get a check when they sell.

How does that sound to you? If you're interested, I want to hear from you. Fill out the form below, and make sure to include a web address where I can see samples of your work. Give me a few weeks to get back to you and let you know if you look like a good fit. After that point, we'll talk through all the details.

God bless!

Kevin Pawlowski
Owner & Artist
Paradise Found Studio LLC

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