New Paradise Found Studio YouTube Video Series

Introducing the new Paradise Found Studio video series on YouTube. It will be a mix of artist-to-artist interviews, tours of sacred art at churches and museums, and exploration of art techniques. Basically a geeks guide to sacred art, techniques, styles, symbology, theology, and history.

Check out the first video about the San Damiano Crucifix Mosaic. Artist, Kevin Pawlowski, takes you through the process of creating a glass tiles mosaic, the history of the San Damiano Cross, the biblical stories behind the various images, and the meaning behind the symbolism in the design.

The San Damiano Crucifix Mosaic glorious glass mosaic by Kevin Pawlowski. 13 months in the making, over 6,500 ties were hand applied to a 4’w x 5’h structure. The reproduction was created by the artist to best display on a rectangle design. The background is filled with the same cobalt mosaic tiles that wrap the sides of the original. The design is based on the original San Damiano Crucifix hanging in the Basilica of Saint Clare in Assisi, Italy, but with a Latin American twist. Turquoise, blue and red elements were added, which were inspired by Latin American folk art. This is a node to Pope Francis, combining the roots of St. Francis with the South American background of the Pope.

Expect new videos every 2-weeks or so. Please go to the Paradise Found Studio YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE and FORWARD to anyone in your life who loves sacred art.

Kevin Pawlowski