How Do I Decide On What Artwork to Present?

As you go through the gallery at Paradise Found Studio, the diversity of subjects, styles and media might throw you for a loop. What is a collection of NASA Hubble deep space photos doing in the same gallery as Renaissance Christian paintings, or paintings from Impressionist greats like Claude Monet?

I wish I could give you a nice tidy answer, but art is a messy, subjective business. As the name suggests, images are supposed to be various representations of "paradise". I put the word in quotes, because even paradise is subject to different interpretations. On top of that, how to represent said paradise is subject to a whole different set of viewpoints.

So in essence, what you are seeing is a very biased presentation of paradise through the eyes of a Roman Catholic, middle-aged artist, marketer, husband and father. Will everything speak to and even inspire everyone? Probably not. Will there be at least one thing that will inspire each individual person? I hope so.

Is this strictly from a Christian perspective?

While there is a predominance of Christian images, this is not exclusively a Christian art gallery. My hope is this is more of an inclusive environment. I'd love to have Muslim, Hindu, and other faiths represented, but I'm approaching that slowly to make sure we to do it right. A pretty image for me might be highly offensive to others, so it will take some research.

There will certainly be images more relatable to Roman Catholic Christians, but most will be approachable to all Christians.

What about the atheists? There is no doubt that many atheists will do a u-turn at the first site of Jesus. It might be a clear indication that the website isn't targeted for them -- that they aren't welcome. It's my hope that there are plenty of images that speak to them, and they can skip over those that don't. If they can't, there's only so much I can do. There are other art galleries they can check out.

Buy why NASA photos?!

Alright, I admit that is a pretty weird choice, but I can be a pretty weird guy. For me (and like I said, this is biased), these images have always took my breath away. They are like a peek behind the veil of heaven, or a snapshot of creation itself. That's not to be taken literally, but it is my belief that the feeling you can get from a image like this brings you closer to God. Even an atheist that may marvel at strictly the scientific wonder is brought closer to God.

How can that be a bad thing?

Kevin PawlowskiComment