Meet The Artists of Paradise Found Studio

The Paradise Found Studio online art gallery includes a number of contemporary Christian influenced artists. Art prints of their specific pieces featured here are exclusive to Paradise Found Studio LLC, so only available at this website. They are a talented bunch that I'm proud to introduce to you...

Timothy Matthew Collins is a New York-based Christian artist that specializes in found object collages that are inspired by his faith and architectural elements of churches from all over the world. Not a surprising influence, since he is also an architecture educator at City College of New York.

Tim's work is thoroughly modern, so a stark contrast to many of the classic religious works on this website. There are layers of meaning in his collages. It is the kind of work you can keep going back to and find something different.

Richard LaRovere is a New Jersey-based artists also exclusively featured at the Paradise Found Studio gallery. Richard specializes in creating intricate pen and ink drawings and delicate watercolor pencil works of the interior of magnificent Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals. People (including my Mom) are amazed at the level of detail, which even include renderings of murals and artwork on the walls! To add extra poignancy to his work, many of the featured churches have since been sold off and converted to other uses like apartments. These paintings offer a last look at the interiors of churches that will never be seen again.

Richard has mentioned to me that he can do commission work from a photograph. Just imagine a beautiful framed drawing of your church hanging in the rectory hall! If you are interested, go to this web page:

Bethany Lee is a native of Minnesota, has studied sculpture at the University of Dallas (class of ’03), and currently attends the drawing and painting program at the Florence Academy of Art in Jersey City. She only has one painting with Paradise Found Studios, “Tower at St. Gregory”, with hopefully more to come. Observational drawing is an important daily practice for her and she also works in stone and cast media.


As I mentioned, you can only purchase art prints of the works featured here at Paradise Found Studio. I'm always trying to recruit new talent for this website. If you know someone who might be interested in working with me, please send him or her to this web page:

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