Jesus Mosaic 2-sided Puzzle

Jesus Mosaic 2-sided Puzzle

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Gorgeous 12” x 16.5” 2-sided puzzle, with a glass mosaic image of Jesus walking on water toward His Apostles on the front, a stone and glass mosaic portrait of Jesus on the back. With a total of 285 pieces, it would normally be pretty easy, but making it 2-sided ramps up the challenge as pieces flip around, forcing you to sort the front and back images. The intricate mosaic tiles work work well with the process of matching up puzzle pieces.

The front side is called “Be Not Afraid”, by Kevin Pawlowski. It is a glass tile mosaic that shows a majestic scene of Jesus walking on water toward his apostles. Each tile was hand-glued over the course of 2-months, for a total of at least 6,000 pieces of glass. The composition is based on a bible engraving by Gustave Doré from the 19th century. Purchase as a canvas print by clicking here.

The back side is called “Transfiguration of Christ”, by Kevin Pawlowski. It represents a close-up of Jesus' face as his true heavenly form is temporarily shown to the apostles (Peter, James and John) on the top of the mountain. The natural stone making up Jesus' face contrasts with the brilliant colors of the stained glass. Purchase as a canvas print by clicking here.

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