Jesus Freeing Souls in Limbo

Jesus Freeing Souls in Limbo

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Artist: Benvenuto di Giovanni
Artist Info: Sienese, 1436 - before 1517
Title: Christ in Limbo
Dated: probably 1491
Medium: tempera on panel

The painting dramatically shows Jesus freeing the souls in Limbo after He died on the cross but before His Resurrection. Note the gate pulled down, crushing the devil, with Jesus actually walking on top of him. Before Jesus’ sacrifice as the sacrificial Lamb of God, souls were not allowed in Heaven because of the original sin of Adam and Eve. Jesus released these souls on Holy Saturday, after His crucifixion.

The term “Limbo” in the title may surprise some because it is an out-dated term from the early Christian Church, which is no longer in use in the Roman Catholic Church. It came to represent a place for the souls of unbaptized babies, who were innocent except for the stain of original sin. In this case, it means a place between Heaven and Hell. While the Apostles Creed states “Jesus descended into Hell” to free souls, it wasn’t intended to mean Hell in the fire and brimstone incarnation. “Limbo” may have been used in the title to avoid that implication.

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