Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos

Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos

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Artist: Titian
Artist Info: Italian, c. 1490 – 1576
Title: Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos
Dated: c. 1547
Medium: oil on canvas

Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio, known in English as Titian, was an Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school. He was born in Pieve di Cadore, near Belluno, then in the Republic of Venice. During his lifetime he was often called da Cadore, taken from the place of his birth.

“Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos” is a dramatic depiction of John’s apocalyptic vision, which lead to The Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation, often called the Revelation to John, and the Apocalypse of John, is the final book of the New Testament, and therefore also the final book of the Christian Bible. The author names himself in the text as "John", but his precise identity remains a point of academic debate. Some modern scholars characterize Revelation's author as a putative figure whom they call "John of Patmos".

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